Separate Space and Shared Space in Post-Apartheid South Africa

  • Anthony Lemon University of Oxford
Keywords: Apartheid, land reform, restitution, land tenure, desegregation, urbanization, urban development


Apartheid represented an ambitious but doomed attempt to remould South Africa's human geography. Attempts to reform the system but preserve white control in the 1980s were the precursor of fundamental political and constitutional change in the early 1990s. Change in the social and economic spheres is fundamentally constrained by the apartheid heritage. This is explored here in relation to two key spatial issues: sharing the land and sharing the cities. The context and problems of sharing the land are considered, paying particular attention to local complexity and community participation. Post-apartheid policies and legislation concerning the 'three Rs'-restitution, redistribution and reform of land tenure-are described and assessed in relation to their intended aims of social justice, the alleviation of poverty, national reconciliation and economic growth. The sharing of urban space is similarly constrained by the apartheid heritage, especially the effects of legally imposed racial segregation and racially discriminatory influx controls. Issues considered here include the extent, patterns and consequences of residential desegregation, and the influence of planning policies including land zoning and acquisition on urbanization, informal settlement and the spatial form of the post-apartheid city. The government's response to these problems, including its Urban Development Strategy, is discussed


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