Bolts to Basil: a Play in Four Acts

  • Kerry Williams Curtin University of Technology
Keywords: Sense of Place, Geography, Gender, Home, Art


Bolts and Basil is a play in four acts with an epilogue. Throughout the play conceptual concerns associated with sense of place are metaphorically expressed. Sense of place is considered in terms of geography and gender. Consideration is also given to notions of 'home', including cross-cultural interests and reflections on the garden as metaphor for 'home'. Scenes are set and titled: Industrial Landscape, 32.55S, 151.46E, Capital Control, From 'The Appropriated Alice', Forever in Our Hearts, and The Lighthouse and The Garden. Characters such as One Who is New to Representation, The Individual, Alice, Woman in a Bath in a Bed and The Gardener are introduced. The play is accompanied by a selection of self-titled artwork.