Similarities and Differences in the Value Assigned to Lifestyle Attributes of High-Tech Employees: A Value Stretch Analysis

  • Liat Kravchyk Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Keywords: Value Stretch Model, Lifestyle Attributes, Subjective Evaluation, Hi-Tech Employees, R&D Workers


This manuscript is a summary report on the third of a series of lifestyle studies carried out at the peak of Israel's post-industrial era at the end of the twentieth century. Israel was then heavily integrated in the global economy, and its high-tech industry, mainly start-ups, have attained global reputation. Similar to the other two studies it was carried out using the 'Value Stretch Model: It was aimed at exploring the disparities and similarities in the subjective evaluation of their lifestyle attributes of Israel’s Hi-Tech employees identified according to their gender and their occupational roles: R&D workers versus all the rest of the employees. The field survey was carried out via the Internet as a 'snowball' sample, yielding one hundred workable questionnaires. Two hypotheses are examined indicating that only age distinguishes between gender and type of employment: male workers are older than female and most of them are engaged in R&D. As a homogenous group, the employees did not reveal many differences in their evaluation of their lifestyle attributes.


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