Marking One Hundred Years of Geography at the University of Cincinnati: Editorial Introduction

  • Roger M. Selya University of Cincinnati
Keywords: Editorial


Having had both the good fortune of an early founding and the resilience to survive academic and fiscal crises, the department of Geography at the University of Cincinnati was faced with the happy choice of deciding how to celebrate its centennial. Three possible activities emerged: throw joint party with the Geology department, write a history, or assemble a festschrift.

This dedicated volume of Geography Research Forum represents a festschrift, and it has many benefits over either a party or a conventional departmental history. The collection of articles will have a shelf life beyond a few days of celebrations followed by fading memories of a good time. Unlike a history, the articles included did not require value judgments on the part of an editor as a sparse historical record is sifted through. Rather, the articles represent a self-selected group of faculty who choose to have their work represent the collective scholarly contribution of the department. Furthermore, each article can stand on its own, so that whatever its connection to the department may be, there is no narrow, parochial focus that would be of limited interest to only someone with a personal connection to the department or University of Cincinnati.


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