Changing Housing Norms of a Dynamic Minority Population: the Urbanizing Arab Villagers of Israel

  • Baruch A. Kipnis University of Haifa
Keywords: Internal Organization, housing values, Urbanization, Urban Planning, Arab settlement


Changes in normative housing values of urbanizing Arab villagers in Israel were analysed with the objective of evaluating which of the evolving norms might be significant for planning the future of the Arab community. Four changes were revealed: a desire for greater residential privacy of the 'core family'; new attitudes toward the internal organization of the dwelling space; reduced levels of tolerance of overcrowding; and more tolerant views of apartment dwellings. The new norms are found to be more acceptable to people indicating modern life-styles. These changes relate more to the physical elements of the dwelling than to the well-being of the individual. The emergent norms have made a socio-cultural impact on spatial organization and on planning concepts, at both the micro- and the macro-levels of the urbanizing Arab settlement system.


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