Spatial Segregation Trends in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area, Israel

  • Sara Hershkovitz Bar Ilan University
Keywords: Spatial Segregation, Ethnicity, Segregation and Dissimilarity Indexes, V-Shaped Segregations


The spatial segregation among population groups is an outcome of their ethnic, cultural, socio-economic, and demographic differences. The following article analyzes the segregation among population groups in Israel's Tel Aviv metropolitan area in the early 1970s. In addition to spatial segregation according to age, socio-economic status, and ethnic groups, a unique importance is attached to the ethnic factor in Israeli society, which affects the social stratification. The length of residence in Israel is also an important factor in shaping the spatial distribution of the population. The segregation trends in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area in the early 1970s are analyzed mainly by Segregation and Dissimilarity Indexes. The main findings indicate that ethnic origin is the characteristic with the highest degrees of segregation, and that recently-immigrated groups tend to be more segregated than veteran ones. The socio-economic characteristics reveal V-shaped segregations, indicating greater segregation at the extreme socio-economic levels.


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